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The first thing people notice as they pull up to your house is going to be your lawn and landscaping, so why would you trust a vital first impression to a teenager with a push mower and a few yard tools? Lawn care and landscaping is more than physical labor… it’s a true labor of love because with each and every line mowed, shrub trimmed, flower planted, and mulch spread you’re giving your property a certain character that exemplifies you and your family.

When you choose Supreme Green Lawn Care for all of your lawn care and landscaping needs, you know you’re getting nothing but the best quality products and work that there is to offer! In all the areas we work, we have one mission across the board: make sure we treat your property like it’s our very own. Why do we do that? Well, simple: treat others like you want to be treated. We wouldn’t want someone coming to our house to cut our grass to do the job half way or three quarters of the way. No!! We want a perfect lawn & perfect landscaping, so we’re going to provide those same expectations and deliver that incredible looking lawn to our customers!

Supreme Green Lawn Care services many cities across South Jersey — you can find out where all we serve by visiting our areas served page — but we ensure that our staff follows rigid guidelines when it comes to our workers. We don’t employ just ‘okay’ workers; our workers have years (sometimes decades) of experience when it comes to lawns & landscaping here in South Jersey. We’re not you’re every day run of the mill start up company… Supreme Green Lawn Care prides itself on quality, transparency and customer service!

When you hire Supreme Green Lawn Care, you’ll be kept in the loop if something delays us from getting to your yard on your regularly scheduled day because let’s be honest: there’s always going to be a bump in the road due to weather, someone getting sick or what have you. However, it’s our priority to keep you in the know on everything when it comes to your lawn! Are we perfect? No, of course not. No one is. But we do our very best to make sure you’re informed and have been communicated to about whatever the job is we’ll be doing for you and your family.


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South Jersey Best Lawn Care Services

The typical homeowner throughout the South Jersey community likely thinks that they manage their yards rather well by themselves. However, unless you see the difference that professional lawn care services can make, you probably aren’t doing enough for maintenance.

Flowers, grasses, bushes, and trees all need lots of care and attention, as well as the right blend of nutrition. Unfortunately, many residents throughout the city seem to stop at programming their sprinkler systems, leaving their lawns vulnerable every day.

When you choose us at Supreme Green Lawn Care, it means receiving the best in affordable lawn care solutions for any yard needs. From removing green debris from yards to clearing out your invasive weeds, we provide it all for less each time.

Proper lawn care and upkeep require time and dedication, which many busy homeowners simply can’t find, leaving plants feeling weak. Keep your yards at their peak level of condition and see how lush and gorgeous they remain with our contractors.

Lawn Care Services South Jersey 

When the only tool in your lawn maintenance arsenal remains an old rusty push mower, your plants need more attention. Unfortunately, between the cost of power tools and the lack of space to store them, many households can’t offer more.

By hiring our team of experienced landscaping contractors, you can depend on us for complete maintenance and upkeep service options. We act as your dedicated lawn care experts, keeping your yards lush and more vibrant from one month to another.

As the seasons change, so will your grass, flower, and shrubs’ health needs, but most people ignore symptoms and concerns. When you choose our experienced lawn care professionals, it means never having to worry about a thing with our services:

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Yard Mulching
  • Recurring Landscaping
  • Plant Fertilization Services
  • Leaf Removal
  • Weed Trimming
  • Yard Edging
  • Yard Debris Clean Up
  • Driveway & Sidewalk Blowing
  • Free Service Estimates
  • And more landscaping contractor solutions.

From removing green waste from your lawns to keeping them nourished and ready for spring, we can manage it all. Call us today at 856-245-5211 to get started planning out your weekly maintenance needs and discover your ideal yards now.

Lawn Mowing

No one enjoys mowing the grass, but it must happen most weeks, or else your lawn explodes with taller plants. Professional grass cutting will not only promote healthier growing conditions but increase your curb appeal as well after every visit.

Yard Mulching

Adding mulch to your flower beds, shrubbery, and even your grass can provide tons of benefits without harsh chemical products. Unfortunately, not all bags of mulch that you can purchase at the store retain enough nutritional value, achieving lackluster results.

Recurring Landscaping

One of the reasons why more residential lawns don’t look their best becomes the lack of time it takes weekly. When you work weekends or have other responsibilities, you need a professional landscaping service team to maintain your plants better.

Leaf Removal

Sometimes you have too many leaves to move by yourself, and raking alone doesn’t work as well as you anticipated. We provide several different techniques that keep your lawn clear of fallen leaves that won’t damage the surrounding healthy plants.

Weed Trimming

Pesky weeds can quickly dominate any lawn that they begin growing in, and many products can wind up harming plants. The best way to naturally keep your invasive weeds at bay remains trimming services by our experienced landscaping contractors now.

Yard Edging

One of the main ways you can spot a professional lawn care company and a homeowner’s work proves yard edging. We leave your property with clearly defined edges around your poured spaces with professional power tools that always gets results.

Yard Debris Clean Up

After a significant amount of plant trimming, or following a severe weather event, your yard needs to have debris removed. From vines and leaves to fallen plants, and more, our team of expert landscaping contractors can clear it all away.

Driveway & Sidewalks Blowing

Poor-quality lawn care contractors leave your property full of strewn blades of grass and fallen leaves, decreasing your curb appeal. We ensure that all of your poured cement spaces that clean and clear after we finish sprucing up your yards.

Why Hire Our Landscaping Contractors?

You can quickly discover any number of landscaping contractors throughout the greater South Jersey community, so why select our professional team? When you need to see better results for less week after week, we offer the solutions you need the most.

How many days have you thought that you were hiring a superior contractor group, only to see weeds take over? When they complete your lawn the first time but leave it to grow unattended, it only creates more work later.

Instead, we take care of every concern that you have for your plants, as well as professional appearances for lawns. When your friends and neighbors see our results, they will know you take your yards seriously after every service visit.

When you need to save more on quality landscaping service contractors, you won’t see a better team than ours. Give your property the best in care and maintenance solutions by hiring us for your lawns for less every day.

Best South Jersey Landscaping Company Near Me

It gets challenging to know which local companies offer the right mix of services, and which don’t help you. When your lawn care service providers only trim grass and spray for weeds, your plants don’t see improved growing conditions.

Taking care of your property means paving the way for lusher, more vibrant plants, and sustained healthier growth all year. Even during the colder seasons or through severe summer storms, your lawns stay at their best for longer with us.

From fending off pesky weeds to keeping your plants better nourished for less, we handle all your landscaping service needs. No one else keeps your lawns appearing their best month after month like our talented team of yard care contractors.

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