When homeowners throughout the community see our contractors working hard, they often ask us for maintenance tips. Among the most frequent that we hear becomes which fertilizer works best, only to see us answer with “mulching.”

Mulching Services 

Mulching can take many different forms, but it primarily boils down to using plant materials to introduce nutrients to plants. Most types of product that you will find appears as chips of ground up wood, although other materials work, too.

One of the benefits of choosing us at Supreme Green Lawn Care becomes our quality mulching services that keep your grass greener longer. We can use the yard clippings we gather while trimming your yard, as well of offering dedicated mulching solutions.

Lawn mulch provides plenty of benefits without much of a downside, allowing you to nourish your yards naturally each time. Contact us at 866-252-6286 today to request more information or to hire us to add mulching to your yard.

The Best Mulching

A homeowner may think that they do the right thing by introducing fertilizers to their grass periodically. However, not all products produce the same results, and some items could destroy your yard within a few hours’ time.

Other fertilizers may prove the right chemical composition but do next to nothing to feed your lawn the right way. You may wait for weeks to see signs that your turf starts benefiting, only to see it grow slightly taller. Instead, we offer quality mulching created by organic plant materials that always assist your grasses and other plants in developing. One application can last for several months, and flowerbeds have different requirements than grass patches will need.

We utilize a variety of different natural products that add nutrition and help protect any plants in your yard. Contact us now and give your property the best in local mulching services to maintain your home’s lusher lawn today.

Mulching Services

Some mulching gets preferred over others for its aesthetic appeal, while others work better at nourishing their underlying plants. No matter what your lawn care concerns might remain, we always have a natural product ready to install.

While some mulches may perform better with certain plants, your choice in color often stems from personal preference. Whether you prefer a more natural hue or a specific shade, we can assist you with most requests.

You won’t see any outrageous color combinations, but we offer at least six different styles based on their availability. Contact us for your highest quality of yard mulching and experience the difference we make with:

  • All Natural, Dye Free Wood
  • Brown Mulch
  • Black Mulching
  • Red Mulch
  • Pine Needles
  • Pine Bark Nuggets
  • Grass Clipping Mulch
  • And more natural mulching solutions.

Unlike bags of products you can purchase in hardware stores, our mulch remains the freshest you will find.  Call us today at 866-252-6286 and schedule the best in local mulching and give your plants what they need most.

Why Should You Have Mulch?

Some homeowners swear by mulching, while others claim that it makes your yard more attractive to pests. Still, others may not have ever attempted to use mulch in their yards, making the topic more confusing.

Mulching your plants helps protect the root system underground from severe weather changes and temporary yard flooding from summer thunderstorms. And in the colder winter months, mulching creates a pocket of warmer air that keeps plant roots from freezing.

Some mulch can prevent pests from eating your favorited flowers by making the terrain too much trouble to navigate across. Or, in other situations, the products used around your plant beds actually damages the body of some insects like ants.

Mulching will allow your plants to filter out some of their daily sun exposure while retaining more moisture between watering. For the most straightforward way of producing better growth and protecting your lawns, choose Supreme Green Lawn Care for affordable service options.

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