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What does Mulching do? Well, for all the ladies out there, it makes your flower beds look appealing! It gives it a pop that matches your family’ personal style of flowering — selecting red mulch, brown mulch, natural mulch or pine needles. You get to give your outside character for everyone to see. 

But let’s talk about the true benefits of what Mulching does for your flowers. Mulch helps keep heat & cold out, so if you’re living in a climate where it gets extremely hot, mulch helps protect the soil from erosion or soil compacting. When either erosion or compacting occur, it can prevent the water from & nutrients from getting to the roots because the soil is either nonexistent or too hardly compacted for the nutrients to get through. The mulch helps keep water & moisture in the soil for the roots to get the proper nutrients they need because the soil isn’t combatted with the elements.

Think of it like this: you can’t go to the beach without wearing sunscreen or you’ll get burned big time! Mulch is like the soils sunscreen or big winter coat… it helps it survive the elements well!

Mulching also keeps out weeds. Why is that important? Simple, you don’t want the weed suck up all the water & nutrients from your beautiful flowers! The mulch prevents the weeds from reaching the sun light, so they can’t get what they need from photosynthesis to grow! We want to make sure your flower beds are filled with beautiful flowers, shrubs and whatever else you like… except weeds!! After all, it is called a flower bed, not a weed bed! 


Brown Mulch

Natural Brown (no dyes)

Black Mulch

Red Mulch

Pine Needles

Pine Bark Nuggets

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